Meet up with one of DTZ’s branch vice president Evan Chung. I deeply appreciate the patience and willingness he is when attending to me despite the fact that I’m not a qualified RES nor am a member of the company. He shared with me his past experiences of running a business briefly and guides me on the career path of an RES. RES isn’t solely a sales job, it’s also a job which requires analytical thinking and relationship management. I find it very interesting when I attended Evan’s workshop as it has taught me much about the property market. He even puts in his own experiences in this workshops and it has made his lessons interesting.

1) Flexible working hours
2) Can work as a sideline job
3) Able to meet people
4) Can learn knowledge of the Singapore property market
5) Rough valuation of houses

1) Schedule tend to tilt towards client preference
2) Capital required for advertising etc

And that pretty much sum up my meet up!

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