Dunman Secondary Career Seminar



Really thankful for the opportunity to share with Dunman’s graduating batch of ’14 for their Career Seminar. This talk is for some of us alumnus to share our experiences upon graduation from Dunman Secondary with the purpose to inspire, and motivate the young ones . There were 2 from Junior College ( Mei Yee and I ), 1 from Lasalle  (Claire) and another from poly (Gareth).

Got to be honest that I was nervous at the start. Speaking to such a large audience ( the entire graduating cohort of let’s say 300 students? ) wasn’t easy but as the session progresses, so did my confidence.

A thought that prepared me well was, “this will definitely be a positive experience!”.
If I’ve done it well, it’s a positive experience!
If I were to stumble or screw up, I can learn from it and improve. It’s also a positive experience!
So there’s nothing to lose and fortunately it ended pretty well and it’s a positive experience!

After the talk, I was informed that Ms Esther Lai, Meridian Junior College Principal is coming over to share about Meridian Junior College. I met up with her and went for round 2. It’s a positive experience! What a coincidence that I was an alumni from both schools. Ms Esther Lai is an amazing lady who founded Meridian Junior College and managed to up the standard and quality of this JC by leap and bounds. Really respect and admire her capabilities. Kudos to her commitment and achievements !

Ms Lai

Once the entire event ended, I caught up with some of my ex- teachers. Had an awesome time but it would be better if I manage to talk to more of them.

Cheap and good mixed rice! Sadly, aunty is retiring soon.
From right to left , Ms Lim (Sec 1 form teacher), Mr Latiff ( Sec 4 form teacher), Mr Liew ( Maths teacher), Ms Yeo ( Temp Bio teacher)

I’ve spent 4 years as a student in Dunman Secondary. I must say that it’s a school with a humble background and a place where many fond memories were forged. I’ll always remember the times my friends and I played together, mischief together, learn together, hang out together and most importantly support one another. For those of us who were once from Dunman, I’m pretty sure we had our fair share of happy and not-so-favorable moments. It had an impact in building up our character during our early teenage years and something I’m certain of is that we’re proud to be a Dunmanite.

As long as we have a BELIEF and able to TRANSLATE this belief into EFFORT, anything is achievable.

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