Hong Kong – 260513-300513

Hong Kong

I’ll try to recall as much as possible as it’s been more than ½ a year since this trip! This was the first trip we’ve ever went as a group( YiKai,YiWei,EugeneTay,Lew,YewHeng,Chang). We were pretty excited since we met each other at the airport all the way till the last day ? This trip was a tiring one for me as I was navigating and doing most of the planning so ya, it isn’t an extremely fun job but it’s nice to know that the others enjoyed it! Since our days in Hong Kong are limited, the schedule was pretty packed for us.

First day:

We managed to meet Chak Wa for a while and he was kind enough to assist us in the hotel deposit as we don’t have a credit card with us. Really thankful to have a pal like him. Miss those days when he was in Singapore and we will slack together often with Gerald and the rest.

For lunch, we had Tim Ho Wan. Wow, the char siew bao here is good. It’s not the usual steamed flour kind which is in abundance in Singapore’s coffee shop. The char siew was tender and melts in the mouth. Other than that, we ordered many many Tim Sum (for what this Michelin Star restaurant is famous for).

Afterwards, we went over to take a photo with the famous Duck and caught the Symphony of Lights (Light Show) at Victoria Harbor. The light show was pretty disappointing as the skies were filled with dark clouds that day and thus the laser lights were barely visible. I’ll recommend going about 30mins earlier as there’s a huge crowd when we came 15mins earlier. As Avenue of stars is on the way back, walked along the trial and took many “posturers “pictures with the many icons of Hong Kong celebrities.

Day 2: Ocean Park

Ocean Park was really fun! Although not all rides are able to satisfy thrill lovers, there are a few which actually can. One of them is the Abyss. It’s a ride which takes passengers up to a about 10 stories high and 1,2,3,4,5,6……7, DROP! My heart nearly exploded when the ride let us on a free-falling scenario. Luckily it doesn’t last for long but it’s certainly a must-go for thrill lovers! Other than the Abyss, the roller coasters in the park aren’t that bad as well but don’t expect them to be fast though. After all, it’s meant to be a family theme park.

A unique and excellent feature of Ocean Park is the amount of attractions it has. It has a mini zoo, aquarium, performances and rides. An integration of Universal Studios, Sea Aquarium and the Zoo? Thus it’s really value for money and you can definitely expect to be able to spend one full day at Ocean Park.

Day 3 : Seafood at Sai Kung , Ladies street and night market shopping

Gob gob gob, we feasted on an array of seafood delights. Took quite a while to find this place as it’s not really accessible but the trip was definitely worth it! A dish which I enjoyed most would be the spaghetti cheese crab.

Afterwards we ventured to the various shopping districts such as ladies street etc. Something to take note is that the prices are often hiked up. Probably because the owners themselves are aware that tourist frequent patronize these places and thus want to earn more from them. For those who enjoy bargaining, these places are a must go for you!

Day 4 : Madame Tussaud( Wax Museum), The Peak, CityGate outlet and Lan Kwan Fong

The highlight meal of the day is definitely breakfast! We went for cheese noodles in the late morning that Chak wa recommended us. I must say that this is a MUST EAT in Hong Kong. The cheese was simply juicy and it literally melts in our mouth.

Off we proceeded to the wax museum after our meal. Surprisingly, the wax museum is on top of the PEAK and not on level ground. The wax sculptures displayed here looks very similar to the actual people themselves! A lot of effort must have been put in to produce such replicas. Well, as tourist, we spend quite a lot of time here taking pictures together with the wax sculptures. We made a trip up to the PEAK and managed to catch a scenic view of Hong Kong.

Next we split up as some of us wanted to go back and change for the night while the rest want to explore more of Hong Kong. Yi kai, Yi Wei, Chang and I went to CityGate outlet. Damnnn, we should’ve come to this place earlier as the apparel and shoes here are really wallet friendly! Sadly, we didn’t get to spend much time there as we reached around 830pm and the shops closes at 10pm.
We went to meet up with the rest and proceeded to Lan Kwan Fong. The nightlife of Hong Kong. This place is indeed happening and it’s mostly filled with Caucasians. Chang and I didn’t manage to join the rest in the Club as our passports were left at the hotel. The rest went ahead and had a great time while Chang and I enjoyed our ciders and beers in our hotel room watching horror movies together. That isn’t a bad plan as well haha.

Last Day: Off we go back to Singapore.

Overall, Hong Kong is similar to Singapore in terms of the atmosphere and lifestyle. Prices there are comparable to Singapore too so don’t expect to buy retail stuffs at bargain prices! The food here is really good although it can be quite pricey. Would I visit Hong Kong again? Definitely! I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy my next trip to Hong Kong better since I’ve covered most of the landmarks and thus won’t need to rush or have a packed itinerary and it’ll be more for the food and entertainment.

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