Newton Circus interview

Read up on this company prior to the interview and what I understand is that this company is a start-up and they should be a bunch of entrepreneurs solving problems faced by MNCs and turning it into a social profit business. Derrick and Adam were my interviewers. They’re pretty nice people and shared with me the company’s culture and purpose. Prior to Adam’s arrival, Derrick was asking me about my hobbies, goals, past experience and how I am to achieve them etc. One question that made me feel that this is going to be a good internship is when he asked “what do you hope to achieve out of this intern?”. I often thought that interns are “cheap labour” who does mundane job such as shredding of paper etc. but that doesn’t seem like the case. It looks like this company is giving me an opportunity to explore and discover. Furthermore, the HUB is filled with enthusiastic people who are keen in starting up. This environment is something that I’m really interested in experiencing. Hopefully I’ll be able to start something with someone or gain valuable knowledge which I believe I’ll surely learn from the people in the HUB.

Although it’s known that most of the companies are for social causes, it’s something that I’m looking towards to after I’ve stabilized my business when I’m 30/31.

After speaking to my project heads, I’ve gotten a better understanding of newton circus. It’s a company which organizes hackathons – intense brainstorming sessions – to generate ideas to solve problems companies are facing with social causes in mind. Not obscuring the profitability potential as there’s a need to have a source of funding for sustainability.

I’m excited to start my internship and definitely looking forward to it. The learning opportunities look promising. Got to cherish these chances if it rises!

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