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Penang Trip was awesome! Attended my dad cousin’s wedding and he is only 26! The interesting thing that I’ve learnt about this newly wed was that they’ve dated for 11 years prior to tying the knot. Wow, seems like a fairytale, doesn’t it? Such a relationship is rare and it somehow inspires others that long lasting love does exist from young. Other than the wedding, I’m glad to have the opportunity to know my distant relatives better and even spend time with them as they’re busy people. The hospitality provided by them was simply great! Their generosity and enthusiasm in hosting us deeply touched me and I’m hoping to replicate their hosting or even do it better when they visit Singapore! (If it’s within my financial means of course haha! Could possibly use this as a motivation to strive higher in my career so that I’ll be able to host my relatives and friends well in the future). These are the list of events which we had during our trip to Penang.

Day 1:
Touched down at Penang Airport and was received by the groom himself (Alex, my dad’s cousin) to Sunway Hotel. I’m impressed by the fact that the groom personally came down to fetch us despite his hectic marriage preparation schedule. Upon reaching the hotel, my grand uncle kind of “MIA” so we went for dinner without him! Luckily he was back when we returned as he ventured out on his own.

Day 2: Wedding Day!

Day 3: Penang Street Art
Our distant relative loaned us a car and we travelled to Penang Island via a ferry which fetches car as well! Managed to try the local food such as char kuay tiao , pan-cakes, penang assam laksa and Chendol for lunch. The food pricing is really affordable here! Sedap!
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Day 4 : Explore Penang day
Visited Penang Hill. Although the weather isn’t in our favor but it didn’t deter us from visiting this iconic landmark! Afterwards, went to gurney plaza to view their shopping malls followed by one of my most anticipated event ; the visit to Gurney Drive where almost all of Penang Local food could be found at! The food taste is pretty much similar to Singapore’s other than the Penang Assam Laksa which is sour compared to Singapore’s. Their Char Kuay Tiao is more flavorful too but heard that there are added chemicals in the kuay tiao which causes it to taste better. Overall, the food is definitely worth it’s price!

Day 5: Street food ; Home sweet home
Last day at Penang!  Visited a hawker and we had a variety of local fare. Big blood soup is certainly one of the dish which we can’t find in Singapore. We headed over to the airport subsequently and ordered almost all the different flavors of coffee which was available. The unique drinks are Banana/Durian flavored Teh/Coffee. I would prefer the banana over the durian although the durian taste was richer but it’s probably powder flavoring. Took a few pictures with my distant relative before we board the plane and off we go! Would like to thank my distant relatives for their warm hospitality and host and I’ll definitely come back to visit them when the opportunity arises!

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