Wisdom Tooth

Got my wisdom tooth extracted on 020713 and 180913. I’ve always dislike visiting the dentist. Can’t believe that I’m going for an operation to remove my wisdom tooth. The procedure wasn’t as bad as I expected to it be ( probably because my gums were numbed). The part which hurt the most was the anesthesia injection on the upper jaw and the numbing effect only took place after 15 minutes.

The first day was pretty bad as I couldn’t open my mouth. Literally. Thus I would opt for liquid food instead. Something disturbing about wisdom tooth is that the wound will continue to bleed for a few days and mine did so as well, staining my pillow with blood. It’s best to avoid exercising for about 5 days-1 week as there are articles out there which mention that there might be a potential blood clock which can cause infection.

The interesting part is the swelling process of the cheeks! Guess I look kind of cuter after the swelling which usually takes about 5 days to subset. Discomfort usually last about 2-3 days and afterwards I’m good to go with my usual diet. The hole of the tooth took about 3 weeks to be less obvious so it probably will take about 1.5months to completely cover up!

That’s all for my wisdom tooth experience.IMG_1272

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