Glimpse of 2015

Before the end of 2015, I would like to thank everyone who has supported me. Family, friends and sometimes lady luck. I’m extremely grateful to all of you and I cherish every memory.


2015 is a year filled with juicy juicy juicy experiences. Time spent with family and friends, achievements and disappointments. Certainly there’re good times, but it hasn’t been smooth. There’re times when life gets overwhelming. Problems hit. Ouch. But it’s okay, we’ll just have to learn from it and move on.


Sometimes, the outcome isn’t favourable despite the effort. Sometimes, what we thought isn’t what others think. Sometimes, we try, we try to get things right, but trying isn’t good enough.


My three biggest takeaways from 2015 are Gratitude, Attitude and Priorities. Looks like CAP but its GAP. I’ve learned to be more grateful to the small actions that we receive. Be it from our loved ones or strangers. I’ve learned the importance of attitude. How it changes our perception and its effectiveness in driving us forward. I’ve learned that everyone have different priorities. Be it commitments or relationships. Through these all, I hope to fill up the GAP to become a better person.


However, I’m lucky. I’m fortunate to have experienced the rocky side of the road as it has taught me much. Everyone’s experience is unique and how these experiences turn out depends on us. There are people out there who got it worse, but that doesn’t mean that they’re worse off. It’s only worse off if they leave it as it is instead of looking at the positives of these situations. Let’s take what we’ve experience in 2015 and learn from it.

Here is a glimpse of my life in 2015! There are certainly more than this and I’ll be digging them out for my reference!

2015 in review
Thank you everyone and 2015 for the amazing experiences. Looking forward to a more exciting and better 2016!

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