Week 1

The journey begins.

It all started with an introduction by Dr Collin about his life moments and his near death experiences. He is an adventurous young man and it reminded me about my Exchange Program adventures when he talked about his unique travel experiences, except that I did not get charged and ramp by a bull.

Following which, we formed groups and I was in a group with 3 other year 2s. They might only be year 2s but they have years of coding experience and I admire their determination to pick up and follow through these sophisticated language during their free time.

Biz kids never felt so wanted before because most of the startup competition that I joined were full of non-technical people unlike this course where non-technical people are like the endangered animals.

We met up soon after our group is confirmed and discussed about the ideas that we could work on. Knowing that I was involved in a project that aims to improve the lives of exchange students around the world, my group thought of creating a Facebook App to further improve the lives of exchange students. We came up with a lot of ideas and thought about its feasibility of completing it in 4 weeks before deciding. Want to know more? Keep a lookout for our updates and join us in improving this application. Let the new application do the talking J.

As I could not help much in the back-end and the technical aspect, I will be heading the project management role, research and test the features and do the documentation so that the guys can focus on building the app that gives values to exchange students.

That’s all for this week folks, Ciao!


  1. Tay Yang Shun

    If you are interested in learning to code, get your technical teammates to assign you small independent parts of the project to try it out. https://codecademy.com is a good place to start, perhaps you can learn some HTML, CSS and try out some front end. It may give you new insights and you might just turn into a programmer (:

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