Week 2

Week 2 lesson:

We were introduced to the job scope of programmers and non-programmers in a working team and I must say that the programming side looks really challenging. I feel that each department have their own challenges and it might be difficult to understand the situation on either side. As they say, the grass is always green on the other side. However, for the first assignment, the workload is surely heavier on the programmers’ side and the boys have been putting in lots of hours; even burning the mid night oil. Thus, I got to do a good job in terms of user feedback and marketing when the application is near to its launch date! And not to worry as marketing is actually already on-going 😉

Framing up key features and validating concept idea with users:

For this week, my focus is on validating the idea with users. The problem we want to solve is to help exchange students find other exchange students who are going to the same university. Thus, I have done face to face feedback with ~20 students on whether this is an application that they would use before their exchange.

I feel that face to face feedback would be better than online surveys at the start so that we can understand what customer really wants (for the features) and build an application that will suit their needs. The response has been positive thus far with all interviewed students wanting to use the application when it is launched.

Looking forward to more developments this week and once we are functional, it’s time to get hands on!

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