The End of a New Beginning

The day is coming! Soon, I’ll be boarding the plane and saying goodbye!

A part of me feels indifferent, while the other is feeling excited! It can be difficult to leave some stuff back in Singapore- like our family, friends and habits etc. However, it isn’t entirely bad. Going abroad for a year is like starting afresh! Leaving our burdens behind, isolating ourselves from noises and leading a new life. Seems like an excuse to avoid problems but it also provide an opportunity to focus!
The past few weeks have been quite an emotional plunge but that’s how we grow yeap! Learn from past mistakes and make sure that we do not repeat it. That’s a common excuse we give ourselves. Learning learning learning. Sometimes I feel that I overused this term till it became an easy way to forgive myself for failing thus for the rest of the year, it’s time to focus more on accomplishing and less of giving such excuses.
On hindsight, I got to meet many relatives and friends over the fast few weeks whom I’ve not seen for more than a year! From friends whom I grew up with since 7 to those whom I’ve met during university. There’s a saying that it’s tougher to make genuine friendships as we grow older but I beg to differ because it ultimately depends on how much we’re willing to form these bonds and I’m fortunate to have met so many awesome people :).

SORRY that I don’t have photos with everyone whom I’ve met over the past month but ya all know who you are!

This would be my second-long term overseas trip and I’m excited to face the challenges ahead. Exchange has changed my perspective from being achievement focused to one who seek importance in values, gratitude and relationships. It got me thinking… so what if we have all the wealth in the world yet have no one genuine to share with. Of course, money do bring us company and we’ll still get to spend time with others but then, we’ll need to question ourselves on how genuine these relationships are.
Opps! Starting to share too much personal thought so poof back to the main part on the year long journey! To kick start this year long adventure, I’ve decided to do a weekly documentation of my life and hopefully this will allow you to get a better insight on how living abroad for a year is like! It’ll also serve as an avenue for me to look back and see how much I’ve grown ( Hope not literally :/ ).

Now, here are some impression about about China…

1. People there aggressive
2. People there are unhygienic
3. The air quality is bad
4. Lots of cheating cases
5. Guys are in high demand (woohoo hope this is true!)
6. The firewall is impassable
7. The dominance of their mobile platform
8. The copy faster than we build
9. Traffic jam is siao one
10. Recycle oil when cooking food
11. They eat anything and everything


AND the list goes on. Getting interesting right? ( I Hope) Hah so don’t worry because through this one year I’ll show you the real Shanghai! So yeap, do keep a lookout for my weekly vlogs/blogs and feel free to contact me if there’s anything you would want me to cover or feedback!

Check out the first series HERE

That’s all my friends, bye!

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