singaporeanboy: Introduction [Week 0]

The First Series!

Hello everyone! To kick start this year long adventure, I’ve decided to do a weekly documentation of my life and hopefully this will allow you to get a better insight on how living abroad for a year is like! It’ll also serve as an avenue for me to look back and see how much I’ve grown ( Hope not literally :/ ).

Now, here are some impression about about China…
1. People there aggressive
2. People there are unhygienic
3. The air quality is bad
4. Lots of cheating cases
5. Guys are in high demand (woohoo hope this is true!)
6. The firewall is impassable
7. The dominance of their mobile platform
8. The copy faster than we build
9. Traffic jam is siao one
10. Recycle oil when cooking food
11. They eat anything and everything

AND the list goes on. Getting interesting right? ( I Hope) Hah so don’t worry because through this one year I’ll show you the real Shanghai! So yeap, do keep a lookout for my weekly vlogs/blogs and feel free to contact me if there’s anything you would want me to cover or feedback!
That’s all my friends, bye!

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