The prelude to CS3216

“What do you hope to learn in CS3216?”

Mannnnnnn, I’m pretty sure most of us would have gotten strike by some sort of Pikachu electric bolt when we received the “Welcome” email from CS3216 coordinator, Dr Colin Tan. My initial reaction was “Whoa siao sia GG , no life…. “. Oh yes, the requirements do look daunting but well, I guess the rewards wouldn’t be as fulfilling if there aren’t any hardships yep!

I look forward to this challenging module because we can get to learn and experience practical skills and scenarios that would be relevant to us who intend to start something. “Something” what is this something? Well you’ll find out as the course progresses. Speaking of that, I would hope to take our project to the next level if there is REAL potential in it and I hope that my team will be keen to follow through it too!

After trying 2 projects in the past – which didn’t succeed – and learning from friends who have succeeded in their businesses, my greatest learning point is that most success stories revolved around the team. It is important for the team to have a common goal and an aligned vision. Honesty, trust, team efficiency plays an integral role as well. Definitely, we cannot overlook team dynamics and that is what make projects fun. The people we work together with, the sacrifices gone through together, and the milestones conquered together. These experiences define the process and thus, through my little experiences, here are some skills which I hope to learn and become a better team player.

  1. Work efficiently in a complete team, a team with technical and non-technical expertise. (work place efficiency, communication)
    1. What is the most efficient workflow practice?
    2. How to communicate well with people from different field of expertise?
  2. Acquiring the first 25,000 users (user acquisition)
    1. How to build a massive inflow of traffic?
    2. How to get up the organic search in Google?
    3. SEO?
    4. How to get maximum outreach with minimal cost?
  3. The first $1 profit (sales)
    1. I always believe that a business needs to be sustainable, regardless of whether it’s a profitable or non-profitable organization. It is important for survival and progression.
    2. They say that money is the root of all evil but I think that the real evil isn’t money, but rather the greed for money which is the real evil.
  4. Digital marketing
    1. Effective social media management – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter?
    2. Email marketing?
  5. Understand the concept of coding

Yeap! These are the 5 pointers that I hope to learn. Of course there are more things that I would love to learn but I guess it would be more effective to prioritize them if not I will just get nowhere.

Looking forward to the journey ahead! Bye peeps!


  1. Tay Yang Shun

    Awesome! I’m sure developers will also find the experience of learning to communicate with biz folks like yourself interesting. Nothing great was achieved alone; learning how to work as a team is crucial to achieving success in CS3216 (and beyond). All the best!

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