Week 5 : Countdown to internal pitch!

The past week was less intense as we had external pitching where companies came down and pitch their ideas. The idea that caught my attention was Treatsure by Preston. It was a similar idea that we had in Startup Weekend Olsztyn, Poland where we came in 1st runner up and was awarded the best pitch! Old good memories I must say. But STILL, I’m more excited for the internal pitch as it would be the time when I could pitch ExchangeBuddy! Looking forward to form a team to undertake this project because it is going to be REAL! I got the marketing covered and most importantly the possibility to embark on a journey together after CS3216! We aren’t only building it for the finals, we are going to build it for the FUTURE! Met with a staff from NUS enterprise, received useful feedback on it and I will be submitting the practicum grant form this week too! Ok enough for the excitement and I shall keep the rest for the pitch tomorrow!

Other than the above mentioned, this week was assignment 3 week and my group have decided to work on Schoolines – An application that can consolidate deadlines so that students would no longer need to refer to IVLE regularly to check on the various exam and assignment deadlines. Started learning illustrator and completed the logo for our application! Wait up for Schoolines and we’ll take care of your deadlines !

That’s all for this week! Ciao!

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