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I’m pretty sure many of us who wear specs had considered or are intending to do LASIK at some point of time in our life. I’m not an expert nor a profession in this field but I hope to share my experience so that it can clarify the doubts and help you guys make a more informed decision on whether to do epi-lasik or not. I went to Clearvision to get my Epi-LASIK done!

For more information on Epi-LASIK, check out this link from Clearvision website :

However, do note that there might be biasness in their comparison of Epi-LASIK with the standard LASIK procedure thus I would recommend that you check out the other viable sources of information or your eye doctor.

There are risk complications difference between the 2 but what would concern us consumers most would be the vision after the surgery. To narrow it down, I’ve read that people see clearly immediately/ 1 day after LASIK while for Epi-LASIK it ranges from 5 days to months!

Why I decided to undergo myopia correction surgery?
1) Specs inconvenient and limits our vision
2) Contacts are troublesome especially when worn for long hours (plus I have astigmatism in one eye thus contacts are kind of expensive.) Although Epi-LASIK is costly, it might actually be cheaper in the long run if it’s able to last me for about 8 years.

Reason for choosing Epi-LASIK over LASIK :
1) I’m a sporty person hence I wouldn’t want to risk having cornea dislodgement as Epi-LASIK doesn’t cut the cornea to make a flap
2) I foresee myself doing enhancement  when I get Presbyopia (Lao Hua) in my mid 40s maybe? Found out from Dr Ho that enhancements are possible after Epi-LASIK, as it only involves the surface epithelium cells hence leaving more tissues for further enhancement.

Evaluation Day ( 6/5/14) :

The whole evaluation took about 2 hours which includes waiting  and preparation time. Undergo machine test for eye power, pressure, cornea shape and cornea thickness. Afterwards, eye drops were dropped into my eyes to “dilate” the pupil and a repeat of the cornea shape and thickness test was done. Once the tests was done, I was led into a room and the nurse explained the details of Epi-LASIK on the suitability, outcome, risks and complications. My cornea was average in thickness and I’m a suitable candidate. Then, I was sent to see Dr Tony Ho who will be carrying out the Epi-LASIK procedure.

Day 1 : Surgery Day ( 9/5/14) :

Numbing eye drops were put into my eyes and here I go! Was instructed to focus on the red blinking light . The entire surgery took about 10-15mins. There wasn’t any pain during the surgery but it’s still pretty scary. Bandage lens were placed on each eye after each procedure. Once the operation was done, I could barely open my eyes as my eyes were very sensitive to the surrounding light. I was led to a dimly lit room and was given a drop of 4 different medications at regular intervals of 10mins.  4 different eye drops were given. Once done, I went back with my mom. Next appointment with Dr Ho is on the next day. Reached home and things are a bit visible. As a good patient, I just rest, listen to audio tapes and sleep. (RLS) There’s a stingy pain in the eyes.

Before the surgery :


During the surgery : Ah hope there weren’t any hiccups because of this!

Clearvision EpiLasik 2

Posing after the surgery!

Clearvision EpiLasik


Day 2 ( 10/5/14 ) :

I could barely open my eyes at times and went for my check-up. Dr Ho said that my eyes were healing great and my next appointment would be on the 12th to monitor my healing. Stingy pain is mild. RLS.



Day 4 ( 12/5/14) :
Stingy pain gone, and vision improved but still blur. Dr Ho said that my recovery is about 70% and the bandage lens can be removed on next appointment. Next appointment, 14th, 2 days later. RLS

Day 6 ( 14/5/14) :

Was expecting better vision after removal of the contact lens but unfortunately, vision is still blur! Can only see about 3-5m. Next appointment on 21st. Was given a new solution of eye drops, FML, which is to be taken after the usage of PREP MILD. Instructed to apply the antibiotics till Sunday, 18th.

Day 7  ( 15/5/14) :

Read online that recovery usually takes 3-5 days. Not sure if they meant healing or regaining of vision. Vision is functional but still blur when I look far. Hope that it isn’t a case of under correction.

Day 8  ( 16/5/14) :

Went back to Clearvision to purchase antibiotics as I’m running out of it but was told that it’s not necessary and hence didn’t purchase them. Asked about the “blurriness” of my vision and was told that it’ll get better with time. However, if it’s still blur after 3 months then it’s an indication that something is wrong. Sigh, 3 months is quite a long waiting period eh :/. Nevertheless, still hoping that my vision will improve as the days go by!

Day 12 ( 21/5/14) :

3rd follow up . Machine tested my eyes to be perfect, no degree at all but my vision is still quite blur when I’m looking far. Dr Ho say that it’s normal for this to happen as it takes time for the cells to heal and I’ll be having progression improvement of eyesight in the coming weeks! He reassured me that things were going well and my cornea is healing well too. His confidence gave me assurance so yeap, hopefully my eyesight gets better in a few weeks time! Next appointment on the last week of June.

Day 38 ( 16/6/14) :

4th follow up. Machine tested my eyes and the result is zero. However, Dr Ho mention that I got a bit of UV scarring which could be due to too much sunlight exposure. Probably due to the camps that I’ve been to. Dr Ho prescribed me with a new eye drop to help ease the scarring and waived for the charges for this follow up despite it being a month after the surgery!  Gotta be a good patient and avoid the sun for the time being!

NOTE:  REMEMBER NOT TO EXERT TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON THE EYES. I participated in blindfold game and  lost my vision for about 4 hours. It’s probably due to the pressure exerted on my cornea by the blindfold.

Day 62 ( 9/ 7 /14) :

5th follow up. My degree is still zero and my eyes are recovering well. Dr Ho advised me that it would be safer to avoid sunlight for 1 more month as it’s not 100% healed . Next appointment would be an open date appointment and I would officially be discharged then! My eyesight is good but there are limitations to how clear my vision is. It’s much better compared to the previous check up and it’s not possible to have extremely clear vision so I’m satisfied with the result. Will probably visit him again during my school term break in December.

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