The Milestone : My 21st Birthday

Celebrations and parties. These pretty much sums up a 21st. However, I decided to do something different and challenge myself to spend my 21st doing up something for my dear ones, to show my appreciate towards my family and friends. I want to give them memories. A picture speaks a thousand words and tada! I made a photo video of the pictures I’ve taken with them. Couldn’t come up with one for my family and relatives as there are limited pictures but they’re the people whom I appreciate the most. They are the first people I meet and have seen me grown throughout this 21 years. This call for more family pictures !

It doesn’t feel good  not enjoying on the day of your 21st with parties because there’s always this “comparison” instinct within us. “What am I doing? Why aren’t I having fun with parties like my friends? Is this how I want to spend my 21st?”. Although it can get pretty emotional, I didn’t regret spending my entire 21st birthday on the video because it brought back nostalgia feelings when I retrieved the old pictures. The sentimental value of these memories is priceless. However, did I regret not organizing a party? Yeap, I certainly did not having one for my relatives because this would serve as a good opportunity for everyone to get together again. So an advice from me is that even if we don’t intend to throw a party for our 21st, we should have one for our family and relatives.

The 21st marks a significant milestone in our lives as it signifies adulthood and freedom. It’s also the age which we are “legalized” and make decisions without parental or guardian consent. I think it’s a good practice to reflect back on the past 21 years of our life on this day. This way, it opens up our mind to the many loving and fun moments we had with our family and friends. As we aged, we tend to be more distant with some of our loved ones due to new commitments. Our family, teachers and the friends whom we used to be closed with. However, I realized the gap was greater upon reflecting and I’m glad I did it because if I hadn’t , I wouldn’t have realized it. It’s quite an emotional process but it’ll make us cherish the moments we once had. I believe everyone is important regardless of how often we interact. This is because many different experiences were created through these interactions. Although the significance varies, it has shaped us to who we are today.

Enjoy the video!

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